The world has 212 million jobless people

• Foras International Investment Company is a leading pioneer company in the field of investment in mega projects.
• It gives due attention to investment in the OIC Member States.
• It has a precise, clear and scientific strategic plan seeks success and excellence.
• It has a high-trustable investment portfolio characterized by strength in the investment fields in the Islamic States so as to achieve sustainable development able to curb unemployment and fight poverty.
• It owns great knowledge and extensive expertise by optimizing the capital
• It has administrative skills characterized by high quality and ability to explore the opportunities that enable it to establish, purchase and engage in joint ventures in various parts of the Muslim world.
• It seeks actively to expand its current activities in addition to creating new investments.
Foras Tourism Development
Tourism Company – Saudi Arabia
This company aims to highlight the tourist attractions in the OIC countries including natural, historical and cultural and then attracts the attention of tourist agencies to play a role in maximizing the financial return for the benefit of Islamic countries and their citizens and increase their share of spending on tourism worldwide.
1- Developing intra-tourism among the OIC countries to increase their share of world tourism, which amounted to 980 million tourists while the OIC share does not exceed 4 %.
2- Achieving the harmonization and standardization between global tourism and Islamic tourism through coordination of joint plans and programs between the international bodies and organizations and their OIC counterparts. 
3- Activating the concept of partnerships between the public and the private sectors by creating opportunities for tourism investments and encouraging investors to benefit from these opportunities to ensure fair opportunities for investors. 
4- Creating job opportunities in tourism industry through tourist projects adopted by the Islamic Chamber in the sector, for example, Foras Tourism Development Co. 
5- Developing marketing programs, and media plan including media and advertising campaigns in collaboration with tourism organizations in addition to providing developed technical means for recognizing the available patterns and programs amongst the OIC Member States through T.V channels communications centers and portals. 
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