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Permanent Conference of African & Francophone Chambers holds its 1st meeting

Mauritania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture hosted the first meeting of the Permanent Conference of African & Francophone Chambers with the participation of the members of the Executive bureau of the National Union of Employers and economic actors.

The Chamber’s President Mr. Mohamedou Mahmoud Ould Mohammed delivered a speech, saying: “this meeting has special Importance for being an evaluation for the outcome that was marked by achievement of a group of actions for supporting the bureau’s capacities.”

“The development of the Conference’s bureau which is supported from outside France and the African continent reflects the common desire in more mutual benefit cooperation. It is aimed at cementing the commercial and economic relations among the organization’s members.” He added

As regards Mauritania, Ould Mohammed said “Its Chamber of Commerce is, since its establishment, famous for its strong cultural and commercial orientation which has given it good reputation in Africa, Middle East, and Europe.”

For his part, the Chairman of the Permanent Bureau of the African Chambers of Commerce Mr. Alberao Mamolympi outlined that the meeting aims to enhance the capacity of the economic actors in the member States by activating their chambers of commerce through positive cooperation.

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