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$640 billion … international halal trade market: ICCI President

The President of Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) H.E Sheikh Sleh Kamel said that the international halal trade market was estimated at $640 billion in 2010, pointing out that the world Muslim population reached 1.6 billion Muslims representing a significant share of the global market. Thus the international mega companies are giving due attention to halal trade. 

In his speech before the first World Conference for halal food, which was held in Riyadh, Sheikh Saleh Kamel said that there are a lot of challenges facing the industry of halal, including the globalization of halal market and locality of dealing with it, un-unified interpretation for the word of “Halal”, Islam phobia (Western fear of Islam), lack of references for adopting Halal certificates.
Sheikh Saleh confirmed that the vast majority of halal products imported from non-Islamic countries, and that most of the OIC member countries are merely importers and consumers, adding that although Halal market is very broad, it is full of chaos.

He added that the word of Halal has been exploited without any legal control to regulate its meanings and concepts, outlining that the current situation is dominated and benefited by certain bodies and institutions.  

 “It is time for Muslims to regulate this issue, not leave the cord at the liberty or to become just consumers of these products while we do not know their sources or who allow them to be traded or what the available potentials of these bodies in terms of abilities, laboratories, training or the competencies working in the field.” Kamel said

The Conference brought together more than 100 scientists and food experts from the Muslim and non-Muslim countries interested in exporting "halal food", such as America, Brazil, India, France, Canada, Italy, Croatia and New Zealand, in addition to dozens of civil institutions and companies involved in the production and manufacture of halal food in the world.


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