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AGU discusses how to face water and food scarcity

The President of Arab Gulf University (AGU) Dr. Khalid Abdulrahman Al Ohali said that water and food security has topped the pyramid of priorities and strategies in the GCC countries due to rising fears of water shortage, especially that all GCC States are falling into the scope of poverty in water sources. 

During his meeting with senior officials in Saudi Ministry of Agriculture, Al-Ohli highlighted the importance of the concerted efforts to face this challenge, pointing out that the AGU adopts discussing the Gulf strategic issues and finding administrative and practical solutions for them.

Al-Ohli added that water consumption in GCC is one of the highest in the world as the Gulf Per capita consumption rates reached about 350 liters a day.

Statistics indicate that the GCC countries constitute almost 57% of the total desalination capacity in the world and that Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of desalinated water in the world, with 30 % global production. GCC Secretariat General expects rising the population of GCC countries to about 50 million people within a few years, in addition to increasing industrial and agricultural development in the region.

                                                                                      Source: AGU

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