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Turkey regrets stopping negotiations with Gulf on free trade

Turkey expressed its astonishment for the Gulf’s action on freezing their negotiation with it on the free trade. 
In an interview with Al-Iqtisadiyah Newspaper, Mr. Mr. Zafer Çaglayan, Turkey’s Minister of Economy said that Gulf States had frozen the free trade negotiations with Turkey at the current time without giving reasons for that. In the meanwhile,

he described these talks between the two sides as a bleeding wound, stressing that Turkey was ready to sign on the agreement yesterday, and it is currently waiting for the Gulf’s stance.

By this action, the Minister said the Gulf countries are losing, pointing out that the oil may make temporary wealth, but not sustainable and that the Gulf countries, led by Saudi Arabia are in need to mega industrial investments which can only be achieved through signing free trade agreements.

Çaglayan said in his statements after inaugurating the Turkish Commercial Attaché in Jeddah that the OIC 57 Muslim member countries represent one third of the world's population, while our region represents one third of the world.

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